The Founder of LI-AN Biotechnology Pharmaceutical Corporation is Mr. Chin Kuei Wu who was born in four-generation Chinese medicine family. As he was young, he ran a Chinese medicine shop and got a good reputation because of his kindness to help people. After several years, Mr. Chin Kuei Wu finally founded LI-AN Biotechnology Pharmaceutical Corporation at the Kuan-Tien industry district of Tainan, Taiwan, on October 10th, 1978. Mr. Chin Kuei Wu work diligently to make the company run stably. And then, his son, Mr. Chao Ming Wu, also raised in a Chinese medicine family and learned lots of Chinese medicine knowledge in his childhood, followed in his father's footsteps to take over the company. Further, Mr. Chao Ming Wu went studied at the MEDICAL COLLEGE XIAMEN UNIVERSITY and qualified for the A level of international Chinese medicine doctor examination. Mr. Chao Ming Wu built a strong base about his professional knowledge of Chinese medicine by those precious experiences.   




After working hard and soldiering on several years, due to the ever-upgrading equipment, techniques and strict production and operations management on the quality control, LI-AN reached the international standard ISO9001 and gained the national G.M.P(Good Manufacturing Practice) license issued by Ministry of Health and Welfare. Therefore, the company can keep developing and expanding the achievement made by predecessors. People can continue to use the products of LI-AN for a long time and don’t need to worry about the issue of medicine safety.  



After the foundation of LI-AN, there are countless consumers using our products and help the company become renowned in the market gradually. Our chairman, Mr. Chao Ming Wu, and all staff of the company still served people ceaselessly with their kind morals and honest minds. Nowadays, the products of LI-AN also have exported to several countries abroad, including eastern-south Asia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Japan, Europe, USA, Canada and so on. In the far-reaching future, LI-AN will keep research and develop new products with the aim to help sick people. Moreover, LI-AN will pass down the great depth and mystery of Chinese medicine and introduce the magic and natural Chinese medicine to the whole world.